Spend more time learning about your patient, less time learning your EMR

Today, provider satisfaction with their career choice is at an all-time low partly due to the demand of learning a new and ever changing EMR. Providers are asked to spend their days off and time after clinic to watch videos, read emails about the new functionality available and dedicate hours in a classroom to learn the EMR in order to take care of their patients. All of the options are out of patient context, inconvenient, and inefficient. Is there a better way?


At AskEvie, we believe the best way to learn is in real time as you are taking care of patient and the best person to help is your fellow provider. Your EMR support should flex on your schedule, not the other way around.

How it Works


Just like asking the tech savvy doctor for help in the Doctor's lounge, you can now connect with a fellow provider who has extensive experience using the same EMR at the touch of a button.

Within seconds, you will receive a phone call from a fellow provider on your cell phone followed by the ability to share your screen so that the provider can guide you.

Once you are done you can get back to doing what you do best, taking care of people.

Wow, you just saved me a ton of time. I would have spent probably an hour searching our health system intranet to find out how to do that!

– Family practice physician

Who We Are

With experience as a practicing physician, helping develop a more useful EMR at Cerner and implementing an EMR at a health system as a CMIO, I know firsthand the challenges both physicians and health care organizations face when it comes to the EMR. Individually reaching out to struggling physicians one at a time proved to be very beneficial, but incredibly inefficient. There was only one of me, and I had to be at the right place at the right time to truly help my fellow physicians alleviate their frustration with the EMR when they needed it the most. With technology, I knew there was a way to scale help from providers such as myself to those providers struggling. Tim, Kyle, and I have found that way with AskEvie, and we think we can help you and your health system. If these struggles sound familiar, I hope you'll reach out through the site or to one of us individually below.

JD Tyler, MD

JD Tyler, MD

Cofounder, CEO |

Med/Peds trained physician passionate about health care and technology. With experience as a hospitalist, physician lead for EMR development at a major EMR vendor, and CMIO with EMR Implementation experience in all venues, JD understands firsthand the challenges that physicians and organization face each day when managing patients and the EMR.

Tim Andrejasich

Cofounder, Product Lead |

Tim has worked as a product manager for physician facing applications and population health startups. He is passionate about creating solutions that help advance healthcare and improve provider’s day-to-day interaction with technology.

Kyle Rowan

Cofounder, Engineering Lead |

Kyle has been developing healthcare and analytics applications for almost a decade. He has a wide range of experience across enterprise and startup software and is passionate about building products and services that help people.